Monday, July 19, 2010

Fall Sneak Peek!

Here are a few samples of what is in store for the fall.  Corina's Closet will be doing a fall open house sometime in September.  The date has not yet been finalized.


  1. So cute Trish!!! When is your fall show going to be? I would love to be able to see your stuff! Love ya- Ann-Marie

  2. Hi A.M.!
    I just sent you a box this morning for P.K. I am going to have a fall/winter show at my house September 23rd (evening) and 24th (morning). Would love to to you and P.K.!


  3. Hi Trish! My name is Christina Cobb, and I discovered your clothing line at Adorable Child while shopping for hair bows. I have four daughters and love that you make sizes for all my girls. So hard to find! Your clothes are beautiful and would be very interested in coming to your open house if it is open for guests? I am not sure if you post a comment back on your blog, if not, my e-mail is
    Thank you,
    Christina Cobb

  4. Thanks Christina! I just emailed you. Of course we would love to have you come to the Fall open house. We are open to guests and friends!

  5. Hi Trish! I just ordered an outfit for my daughter from Etsy and I cannot wait to see more spring/ summer stuff! I would love to come to an open house if that is possible. My email is Thank You for making beautiful affordable clothes for our kids.

    Misty Devotie Jefferson City, TN


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